Curacao VPS servers

Virtual private servers physically hosted in Curacao


Linux systems require a minimum of 20GIG disk space
Windows systems require a minimum of 50GIG disk space
Ram - 1 GB RAM
IP - 1 IP Address
DDOS - Mitigation
VPS CP Access
* Weekly Backups

* Weekly backups (VPS snapshots) are run as a matter of course on our client servers, however, in the absence of an SLA, you are 100% responsible for ensuring that your machines are backed up at all times. Should you require a managed backup service, we can provided an offsite service at EUR0.35 / GB / month or an onsite service at EUR0.20/GB / month (files, databases etc.).
Connection / Bandwidth Long term bandwidth contracts are available and will be the most affordable option (Scroll to bottom of page). If you obtain a connection directly from the DC (E-Commerce Park) you will need to select the third party bandwidth option.
IMPORTANT Make sure you select a connection, either a yearly contract (scroll all the way to the bottom) or from the Connection (Mbps) slider. If you fail to do this, we will have to send you an additional bill and the setup of your server will be delayed.

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